BJC National Kata Tournament


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Open to All BJC, BJA, AJA and affiliated Associations



This Kata tournement is open to all levels and will be run at 2pm Novemeber 16th. You will notice that this is the afternoon before the BJC Closed Nationals Championships. We have combined the two competitions so the kata tournament benefits from the great venue in ketering and it also gives those already in Kettering for the closed Nationals a chance to compete whilst booking/weighing in.



New improved venue

National platform

National judges

Opportunity to weigh in for the closed nationals at the same time .

We would like to introduce to the newly developed BJC Kata Open.

Please note that the

 kata Tournament on the Saturday 16th is Open to All BJC, BJA, AJA and affiliated associations.


The BJC Closed National championship on Sunday 17th 

is available to those with a valid BJC Licence.

Please contact the office for further details 01692 5 or click here to purchase a BJC Licence.